Dover NJ


Our masonry experts are skilled at restoring your home or business concrete to it’s fully glory. We preserve and restore sidewalks & driveways with the latest in masonry techniques. 

Being one of the best masonry contractor’s in the North Jersey area, Premiere Services LLC Contractors has decades of experience when it comes to all aspects of concrete/masonry work. From removing existing concrete, repairing sidewalks, preparing the ground for the new concrete, creating the forms for the concrete & pouring the new concrete. Our masonry experts will make sure that your masonry/concrete job is done correctly!

Premiere Services LLC masonry contractors know that Paying attention to detail separate is from your average masonry services company. Achieving the highest quality masonry craftsmanship is what we take pride in. We do not cut corners! We listen to our clients needs! We provide the right solutions to your problems! We take our time to do the job right the first time. Masonry work done properly is what Premiere Services LLC is all about.